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One Vision

Riverside House’s mission and vision can be enhanced through the efforts of our community. Our Community Partnership program strives to bring together a variety of organizations for the purpose of providing support and educational programs within institutions and beyond. We partner with three main types of organizations:


Faith-Based Organizations: The spiritual component of our program is at the core of the services we offer. We work with organizations that can assist us with the spiritual needs of our residents and their families, as well as our non-residential participants.



Community Agencies: Riverside House depends on support from the community to enhance its programs and enrich the lives of its residents and participants. We partner with local community agencies that can offer assistance outside of our programs.



Correctional Institution Relations: Changing the lives of our clients begins inside institutions. It is here, that we, along with other organizations, are able to make the reentry process smoother through preparing inmates for release into the community or into a residential program.

Contact Us

For information on how to join our Community partnership program please call Riverside House at 305-326-9799 or email us at info@riverside-house.org