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Schedule: 5 days a week, variable shifts. Facility works 24/7
 Will be discussed at the interview

Responsibilities: The Resident Monitor will work with federal inmates in our program. Candidate will follow agency procedure, will conduct alcohol and drugs testing urinalysis and will be accountable for general monitoring of residents and facility.

Education/Experience: High School diploma required

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Salary: Will be discussed at the interview


The Manager of Supervision reports to the Facility Director for the overall administration of the Supervision department and Site Specialist. The Manager of Supervision will ensure that each resident of the facility is provided fair, service-oriented Supervision in an effective and professional manner.

The following duties and responsibilities of the Manager of Supervision are outlined below. Additional duties may be assigned.


  • To be knowledgeable of and to implement relevant agency policies and procedures related to supervisory areas. (Operation Manual’s).
  • To assist the Facility Director in areas of short/long range planning and continued agency development.
  • To serve as Weekend Manager when assigned.
  • To fulfill all Supervision staffing, call-outs, etc., on all shifts to ensure 24/7 coverage.
  • Support Senior Case Manager with the Bus Pass Program


  • To ensure that all Supervision department shifts are covered at all times, using a management back-up plan when staff calls-out, and/or personally filling in when necessary. Coordinate this with Facility Director.
  • Manage Site Specialist and related responsibilities to ensure compliance to Standard of Work (SOW).
  • To train new hires in keeping with the Employee Handbook, Standard of Work (SOW) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and agency hiring procedures.
  • To monitor policies involving personnel matters and report to the Facility Director.
  • To ensure team member evaluations, corrective actions and other personnel matters are executed timely and properly in conjunction with the Facility Director.
  • To directly supervise team members as indicated by the organizational chart.
  • Training employees, planning, assigning and delegating work, appraising performance, rewarding and disciplining employees, addressing complaints and resolving problems.


  • Ensure accountability of all residents per agency policy on all shifts.
  • Ensure accurate agency records and logs are maintained.
  • Conduct periodic searches and conduct urinalysis and alcohol programs.
  • Monitor common areas cleaning and room inspections on the all shifts.
  • Assign and delegate to Supervision team members appropriate tasks related to their area of responsibilities and follow-up.
  • Communicate with managers and attend weekly Team/PRT Meetings and others as required.
  • Make program improvements suggestions to the Facility Director.
  • Represent Riverside House on behalf of the Facility Director to outside agencies.
  • Oversee Electronic Monitoring system – Omni-Link
  • Conducts audits of all files with submission of finding to Facility Director.


  • To ensure Supervision supply forms and equipment are properly maintained and left organized at the end of the shift.
  • To ensure that an organized, courteous system for visitation is maintained.
  • Coordinates, conducts, and documents inventory control.
  • Resident room assignment, daily bed count, intake package completed for all new arrivals.
  • Supervises facility access and key control per procedure.
  • To recommend repairs and maintenance needed in the facility, including life safety.
  • To ensure that internal inspections and reports are conducted and reported to the Facility Director.
  • To perform additional duties when assigned by the Facility Director
  • Ensures compliance with facility policies and procedures with regard to the use and storing of all sharp instruments, tools, toxic, corrosive, flammable substances, and other potentially dangerous supplies and equipment.
  • Ensures that the facility and its premises are kept free of health, fire, and safety hazards.
  • Supervises, directs, and evaluates the completion of resident housekeeping assignments within areas of responsibility. Ensures necessary cleaning supplies are available, stored and utilized properly.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Salary: Will be discussed at the interview


This Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is a fulltime salaried indirect supervision and direct service position. This staff member provides indirect supervision to a team of case management staff as well as clinical services in a residential program focused on facilitating the successful transition of program participants from prison into society. Program services are holistically designed to address the physical, emotional, social, occupational and mental health needs of the target service population in compliance with the RRC/FBOP standards and requirements.


This Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) has been granted the license that is in “good standing” from the Florida Department of Health in the year 2010 or prior. This member has a minimum of five (5) years supervisory experience in a social work setting and has worked with clients presenting social service needs similar or the same as those of the client population served by this program. This LCSW must be bilingual (English and Spanish) to meet the needs of the target population and able to work on a flex-time schedule to properly monitor services in a residential setting. This individual also has strong communication skills (oral and written) and works well using a team approach.



The following duties and responsibilities of the Facility Director are outlined below. Additional duties may be assigned.

  • Provides indirect supervision of case management staff on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Audits case management files to ensure that all of the documentation and services are in alignment with a “best practices model”, completed in the required time frame and in compliance with the RRC/FBOP programmatic requirements. This includes: client orientation, individual assessments, bio-psychosocial evaluations, treatment plans, progress notes and discharge summaries
  • Supervises case managers with the family reunification process
  • Coordinates peer consultations and review
  • Is capable of administering “In-Service” training to case management staff
  • Implements the “Cognitive Behavioral Programming Model” in compliance with RRC/FBOP standards
  • Facilitates weekly substance abuse prevention support group and transitional skills classes
  • Oversees Training for case managers and staff and requirements of the BOP
  • Provides individual counseling to clients who are not eligible for these services off site or through other resources
  • Assists in the implementation of new programs for the clients
  • Crisis intervention as needed
  • Performs additional duties when assigned by the CEO or COO